Trump’s presidency contributed to a culture of cynicism and apathy. But for writers, educators, and other cultural workers the struggle isn’t over.

Will Joe Biden’s victory help restore democratic values to our culture?

When I dared to imagine November in the past couple of months, all I could see was a colorless wasteland, devoid of content or feeling. I hoped, of…

James Baldwin in front of his Greenwich Village home by Jenny Kroik (@jkroik on Instagram)

Today James Baldwin is remembered as an eloquent advocate for racial equality and a talented writer of the Harlem Renaissance. But during his lifetime Baldwin was often a controversial figure, refusing to align himself with political and artistic movements. We can see it in his fiction which, despite being political…

Older and younger Tove Jansson on Klovharu in the Gulf of Finland. Illustration by Jenny Kroik (Instagram: @jkroik).

Tove Jansson’s The Summer Book takes us to an apparently idyllic setting: an island off the coast of Finland where the young Sophia spends the summer with her father and grandmother. But right from the start Jansson lets us know that this is not Eden. The grandmother’s false teeth go…

Polina Kroik

I write about tech, women, culture and the self. Book: Cultural Production and the Politics of Women’s Work.

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